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Rushton Financial Services Pty Ltd is an Australian professional investment management firm,
with managed fund investments available from as little as $50,000.

If you’re concerned about low interest rates, volatile share markets and a potential property bubble, it may be time to follow some of the world’s most sophisticated investors, and look carefully at alternative investments. We offer a professionally managed, Australian market neutral fund, which aims to consistently deliver positive returns, through up, down, and flat market conditions, with little or no net exposure to global equity markets, and an overarching focus on capital preservation. As the performance of our market neutral fund is not dependent on the overall direction of the share market, it has the ability to perform equally well in both rising and falling markets. More importantly, due to the low correlation of the Fund to other investments, it may also provide an important source of portfolio diversification. If you would like to learn more, click ‘Request Further Information’ above, chat now, or call us during normal business hours.

Rushton Global Market Neutral Fund - Investment Managers

Key Benefits

  • Little or no exposure to share market risk.

  • The performance of our strategy is not dependent on rising share prices.

  • Has the ability to perform equally well in rising or falling markets.

  • Very highly diversified across 600+ share exposures and many countries.

  • Provides international diversification with minimal currency risk.

  • Lowly correlated to traditional asset classes, providing an excellent form of diversification.

Like any investment, there are risks associated with investing in the Fund. We recommend you read the PDS before investing, which includes information about some key risks of investing in the Fund.