The problem with most balanced funds is that they’re not balanced at all, as they typically invest the majority of their assets in shares, which means they suffer significant losses whenever the share market falls.

The Rushton All Seasons Fund seeks to maintain substantially lower volatility than the average balanced fund, by allocating to a much wider range of carefully selected investments and balancing risk and return evenly across the various conditions of the economic cycle, assisting investors to grow their wealth with reduced risk of losing money when markets fall.

If you’re targeting much better returns than bank interest and yet are concerned about low interest rates, volatile share markets and falling property prices, it may be time to consider the Rushton All Seasons Fund. The All Seasons approach to investing is first and foremost about capital preservation. We consider risk first and create an intelligently diversified portfolio that is truly balanced and remains sheltered from severe losses, caused by significant share market declines. It is a genuine “come what may” investment solution designed to safely navigate a very wide range of economic conditions and to give you peace of mind.

Lee Rushton and Glenn Rushton – Executive Directors

Key Benefits of the Rushton All Seasons Fund

  • Seeks to achieve smoother performance with reduced volatility by optimizing the diversification benefits available from a wide range of carefully considered and complimentary investments;
  • A truly balanced investment, which minimises the risk of loss by adopting a ‘risk-first’ approach;
  • Has the ability to perform well in both rising and falling markets, due to a strategic selection of investments and controlled exposure to share markets;
  • A complete portfolio solution, that is broadly and optimally diversified across over a thousand liquid positions;
  • Combines numerous sources of investment returns in a cost-efficient manner, maximising the probability of positive performance, even in periods of falling asset prices and rising interest rates; and
  • Can improve the returns and reduce the risk of most investment portfolios.

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