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The Rushton All Seasons Fund is designed to balance risk and return through the various phases of the economic cycle, assisting investors to grow their wealth with reduced risk of losing money when markets fall.

If you’re concerned about low interest rates, volatile share markets and a potential property bubble, it may be time to follow some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. The All Seasons approach to investing, is about considering risk first, allocating investments according to their contribution to total portfolio risk and then spreading these risks evenly across the various phases (Economic Seasons) of the economic cycle, to create a truly balanced portfolio that remains sheltered from periodic severe losses. We use this approach to address a lot of the shortcomings that adversely affect traditional portfolios, that are built without a ‘risk-first’,  economically balanced approach.

Rushton Global Market Neutral Fund - Investment Managers

Key Benefits

  • Targets a smoother path of returns by optimizing the diversification benefits available from a carefully considered asset allocation.

  • A truly balanced investment, which minimises volatility and the risk of loss, taking a ‘risk-first’ approach.

  • Has the ability to perform well in rising and falling markets, due to controlled exposure to equity markets.

  • A complete portfolio, that is broadly and optimally globally diversified across thousands of liquid positions.

  • Combines both active and passive sources of return in a cost efficient manner, maximising the probability of positive performance, even in periods of falling asset prices and rising interest rates.

  • Can improve the returns and reduce the risk of most portfolios.