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Downside protection – and why you need it?

Most investments perform well when economic conditions are favourable. What investors need most, in order to balance their portfolio, is an investment that has the ability to perform well in bad times, i.e. when economic conditions deteriorate, and the share market is falling, as one of the key reasons why investors suffer significant losses during share market declines, is that their investment portfolios have little downside protection, i.e. they do not have any investments in their portfolios that can perform well in negative market conditions. We call this being ‘overweight good times’. […]

Market neutral investing – and how it can be used to minimise share market risk

A large proportion of the risk from investing in the share market, and the one that causes investors the most sleepless nights, comes from broad market risk – i.e. when all shares fall at once, as in the recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC), or the 1987 stock market crash. Many investors are not aware that it is possible to largely remove this ‘market risk’ by adopting a market neutral investment strategy. […]

Understanding volatility – why high returns are not always the best investment

Many investors focus too much on average returns and neglect to look at the volatility of those returns, which is critical. Whilst most investments do move up and down to some degree, excessive volatility is not only difficult to cope with psychologically, it can also dramatically reduce long term performance. […]