Thank you for your interest in the Rushton funds and welcome to our online application process, which is the easiest way to apply for units in the fund.

An application can be completed in a matter of minutes, and for most applicants, there are no additional documents required. If for some reason you get interrupted, you can ‘Save’ the application and you will be emailed a link, so as you can go back and finish the application later.

Most of the information is very straight forward; however, to save time, please ensure you have the following information handy when completing your application:

  • the date of birth and driver’s licence number of each applicant;
  • the full name and address (registered office and principal place of business) if a business/company;
  • the ABN number if the investor has an ABN number;
  • the ACN number if a company applicant, or a company as trustee;
  • the Tax File Number of the investor; and
  • the Bank Name, Account Name, BSB and Account Number of the investor.

After you complete the appropriate form, click ‘Submit Application’ on the last page and a confirmation email will immediately be emailed to each applicant. Each applicant must then click on the ‘Confirm Application’ button in the email to confirm the application. That’s it. It really is that simple. And if you have any queries regarding the application process, just phone 07 3272 6000 during normal business hours, or email:

Rushton All Seasons Fund – Wholesale Units (minimum investment $500,000)

Rushton All Seasons Fund – Retail Units (minimum investment $10,000)

Rushton Social Impact Fund – Wholesale (minimum investment $500,000, or $100,000 if a valid Accountant’s Certificate is supplied confirming the wholesale status of the investor)