Rushton Financial Services Pty Ltd ACN 601 242 102 (“RFS”), established by father and son, Glenn and Lee Rushton, is the investment manager of the Rushton All Seasons Fund.

After spending years managing Individually Managed Accounts and other managed funds, Lee and Glenn decided to establish the Rushton All Seasons Fund, to make their unique approa to investing accessible to a wider range of clients.

RFS is an Authorised Representative (Authorised Representative No. 470826) of Australian Fiduciaries Limited (ACN 601 228 844, AFSL No. 465658), which is the Responsible Entity of the Rushton All Seasons Fund (the “Fund”).

The Fund allows investors the opportunity to invest alongside the Rushton family, and gain access to their unique, highly diversified, multi-asset class approach to investment management.

As an investor in the Fund, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional investment management team. One of the problems individual investors face when they directly manage their own investments, is a lack of human, technological and financial resources. It is often not cost-effective to expend considerable amounts of these valuable resources to manage just one investment portfolio, and as a result, it puts the individual at a distinct disadvantage when competing with professional investment managers. The end result is that performance often suffers, along with the lifestyle of the investor. Investment management is a profession that requires continual research and vigilance to effectively manage risk and maximise returns. At RFS, we have the qualifications, experience and resources to manage our disciplined investment strategy.

To gain and maintain a competitive advantage today, an investment strategy must use the most rigorous academic theory, state-of-the-art technology, a thorough analysis of individual investment fundamentals and a comprehensive understanding of global financial and economic conditions. At the same time, the adopted approach must be responsive to ever-changing conditions and take proper account of the numerous forces that drive markets on a day to day basis. We adopt a systematic approach to investment, and yet demand that our strategy evolves through time as a result of ongoing research and development. This allows discipline to be maintained throughout the entire investment process, whilst, at the same time, not diminishing the importance of innovation and continual adaptation, which is also critical to long term success.

Ultimately, our objective is to help our clients achieve the best investment returns with the least amount of risk possible, through all economic conditions, so as they can relax and enjoy a better quality of life, rather than spend countless stressful hours pondering over financial newspapers, magazines and other information.

RFS is governed by family values – trust, honesty, respect, integrity and hard work. These values underpin the long-term relationship that we develop with our clients.